Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Pessimist

I was once asked together with 20 others, whom among us were positive minded, and who were the pessimists.

To my surprise, I was the only pessimist.

Is it really that bad being one ? Think about it.
A pessimist always believes that the worst will happen to him. Nothing good can ever happen to himself. Everything he wished for would never happen. 

Never happen. Impossible. Keep telling that to yourself, and when something bad happens, it actually doesn't feel as bad. It doesn't demotivate you much, it doesn't even hurt much. You expected this, you knew this was coming, and now that it is here, you don't feel bad.

No expectations, no disappointment. 

Does this mean being a pessimist would eventually make you happier? 

There is something that every pessimist will never be able to have, will never be able to believe in.


Hope, is one of the greatest thing that could ever happen to a person. 

Hope, makes you believe that tomorrow is a day worth waking up for.
Hope, makes you believe that you can be a better person. 
Hope, gives you the strength to try something that you would never have tried otherwise.

Hope..... gives you something to look forward to.

Hope. Hope is something every pessimist wish for, but will never have.

And When Hope abandons you. 


You Give Up.

We watch the season pull up its own stakes,
And catch the last weekend of the last week,
Before the gold and glimmer have been replaced,
Another sun soaked season fades 

You have stolen my heart,
You have stolen my heart.

 Dashboard Confessional 

Monday, October 3, 2011

I bought a car!

A car is one of the first major commitment most newly employed malaysians get themselves into. Of course, not a big a commitment as your girlfriend. Besides, nobody waits till they're employed anyway!

Usually, the first car will be a proton, or lately due to the amazing job done by Toyot..i mean, Perodua, the Myvi or any other perodua variant seems to be really popular as well. ( For some reason, the cars REALLY resemble toyota in every aspect! what a coincidence!) and people make fun of inspira being a copycat.

Alright, sorry, deviated, back to the topic now. Cars are not cheap. Buying a Toyota may cost about RM70,000 being the cheapest, a Honda cost RM 90,000. Way too expensive for new employees. So, what do we do? We can opt for secondhand cars. A 15 year old toyota corolla cost rm 22,000. Sounds like a better deal? Does this mean, a fresh graduate who just found a job can only drive a 15 year old car?

NOPEZ! because, we have, PROTON and PERODUA! This 2 companies enable us to buy cars at a MUCH, MUCH cheaper price. Simple because unlike foreign cars, they do not have to pay the import duty. How much would they cost ? Lets take a look.

The new Saga FLX. Now available from RM 38598!

Or the much smaller, cheaper version of Perodua, now available from RM 24900 !

This, is the type of cars most of us can afford now. Seems like sensible price, doesn't it ? Still can't afford it ? No worries, Loans available up to 9 years :D

Is that a good bargain, or what ? Lets fly across the ocean, and visit other countries :)

What do people from other countries drive, for 20,000 worth of their money.


Or, the UK

FORD KUGA, at 22,000 GBP

Sure, you can argue and say, its in their currency. Would be totally different price once we convert them.

A Proton Gen-2 is sold in Malaysia for RM 58000.
A Proton Gen-2 is sold in UK for 9000 pounds.

Convert that, we have our national car sold in UK for RM 45,000.
Why do we pay, RM 13,000 more, for our own national car ??

Did anyone ever pondered that ?

Lets be a bit more critical.

Lets buy a Toyota Prius.

Rm 140,000 in malaysia.
Fresh Graduate pay = RM 2500

RM 140,000 / RM 2500 = 56
You will buy a car that is worth 56 times your pay.

Toyota Prius in UK = GBP 21000
Fresh Graduate Pay = GBP 1800

21000 / 1800 = 11
Or, People in UK buy the same car, for 11 times worth their fresh grad pay!

While we get a Toyota Prius for 56 times the value of our pay, some white bloke in UK can drive this for 56 times worth their pay.

So, is the car you just bought worth the price?

Go figure.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya; Do You Celebrate?

Its the 5th Day of Raya. The Raya mood is still there for me, at least. Many of us will be visiting our friend, Fayadh the 'skyscrapper' and Miss Zara later in a while.

Here I am, writing a blog post at 7:50am on a Saturday. Why, you ask?

Was just another day yesterday, when me, another chinese guy and a malay guy were having a drink, talking about football, and politics. When out of no where, the guy on the table beside looked at us, and said, " Wow, 1Malaysia group eh?". It took us a while to realize, "erm, oh. Yeah, we are." While people realize this often around us, we never do. *on a less serious note, Yadh and dixon, you guys need me. Harder to find Indians lately :P*

Now what am i getting at here? That we should hang out with other races more? Well, no, i went through that too many times. What I do want to bring up, is that, do we celebrate Raya?

To the malays, its a chance to buy new clothes, get more duit raya, balik kampung, visit our relatives, etc etc etc.

To the Chinese, a chance to wish our malay friends, 2 extra days of holiday in that year.

To the Indians, 2 extra days of holiday. (They don't do the wishing stuff. Heck they don't even hang out with malays!)

So, based on the activities mentioned above, who celebrate Raya? Obviously the Malays. It is their celebration, nothing got to do with the rest of us, right?

Well, the mindset of "Raya is for Malays" have made most of us, totally ignorant. We don't even know how many days do they need to fast before Raya. We don't even know what food they serve during Raya. Heck, the most basic, we don't even even know what we should do first when we go to a Raya Open House, assuming we actually go for one.

Now why does this happen? I got to blame this partially on the education system. When we were young, our parents sent us to chinese school. Why? Because it is our heritage. You learn better from our own kind. Better education than public schools.

The malays get sent to the Sekolah Berasrama Penuh. A school for the elite smart bumiputra students. A pure 100% malay school.

The Indians get sent to the Tamil school. Why? Because who else is going to go to an Indian place, if not the indians themselves (same old excuse). Or better, some Indians are enrolled into Chinese schools. You can just imagine the father with an indian accent telling his son "Go and studyyyy, then you can be smartttt like the chineseee, and make LOTTSSS of Mah-Ney!"

In the end, this only creates a wall between our races. We interact mostly with people of our own race. We don't even have much opportunity to interact with other races. Since the age of 7, we only know how to communicate with those of the same skin colour, with those of the same language. Even if some of us later on, in secondary school, joined a public school, they still stick to their own people. Those who speak Mandarin will always flock up together, and those who don't, will be not be part of the "group". The Japanese have did a study on this problem, it is known as JHAD. (Jutsu Hozen Autonomous Discrimination)

So, if today, you can't speak Malay too well, or don't know what kuih lapis and roti jala is, It is not too late. Its Raya :) Take this opportunity to understand each other.

Starting this year, Go Raya with the Malays.
Starting next year, we can all celebrate Chinese New Year together.
Starting today.

Date the Indians.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Our culture ?

Let us be a bit more adventurous and go after something fun :)

Adam Lambert performed yesterday, at Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil. There was such high amount tension on whether the concert would proceed, or not. See, Mr. Lambert is gay. And for that reason, many believe he shouldn't be allowed to perform in Malaysia. Simply because he got horny one day, and kissed somebody on stage.Hell, there was even a protest, check it out.

Demonstration against Adam Lambert concert

Hell, for the fun of it, today i will put myself in their shoes and see how it feels.

Adam Lambert performing in MALAYsia!?!?!?!?! what the fuck!? How is that allowed!? The guy is GAY! he kissed another gay guy!!!! OH MY GOD, i mean, OH MY *Word removed coz i got too scared* how can they allow it !

Think about such a thing ! This is soooo Not our culture! Gay people are dangerous and harmful to the society! WHY?......................


Ok i don't know why. I must be a total moron for hating something that is not harmful to anyone at all! Yeah just because gay people are nice and normal beings like us, doesn't mean I should just accept them! They are different !! My little puny mind cannot simply accept something different than all of us !

I know what I can do! I will march to stadium putra ! Instead of spending my precious time  helping orphan kids or doing something charitable, I will march to stadium putra with printed banners and flyers to protest! (Why would anyone spend time helping others anyway? Attending protest and demonstration is more fun)

I will speak for ALLLLLL the Muslim students in Malaysia! I will carry banners titled "Muslim students calls the people to not attend this haram concert!". Yes, i'm awesome because i can speak for all Muslim students. It is OK! Do not need to thank me! I spoke on your behalf! I perfectly understand how you think? What? You do not agree with me? Well, then its simple! You're not a Muslim! My puny brain told me that much!

Ok oh my god i wanted to be in their shoes the entire post, but i just can't do it anymore. Shit you guys try and be simple minded fools for a 10 minutes, and tell me its easy. I lasted this long, somebody should build me a statue.

Anyway, as I mentioned, so many people fail to accept anything different. Yes, Adam Lambert kissed some other guy on stage. But did he do it here, in Malaysia? Did he go around asking people to be gay?

So what is our culture ?

Fucking on the staircase? Or giving a blow job in some deserted place, on a motorcycle ? (the bike wasn't moving you fools,lol )

Or raping our own grandchildren? Or stealing the company's money? Robbing ? Heck, i know what is our culture. Revving our bikes, lepaking by the roadside, whistling girls with lame lines like "hi, bley knal?" Yes ladies and gentleman, Rempit, is our culture.

No, of course not, i was being sarcastic. ( Never know, too many idiots in this world, you have to start pointing out to people that you're sarcastic nowadays.)  If those aren't our culture, why aren't anyone out there giving out flyers or standing shouting with banners against rapist?

Adam Lambert is gay. Yes. But he will easily be a million times a better person that all of those standing there protesting with their banners. Lambert receives all kinds of gifts and souvenirs during his Glam Nation Tour. This line, was what he posted on his twitter.

"Instead of giving me gifts, why not donate 2 or other charity in my name? U can print a reciept [sic] 4 me and personalize it:) What are your thoughts?"

The very gay guy that you idiots protested, actually wished to help others. His Glam Nation Tour not only would generate income, provide job opportunity for those in event line, sound and lighting, media, etc, the tour also helps a charitable organization. 

And people protest against that ? Worst, they claim to speak for ALL MUSLIM university students? 

Speak for yourself. Next time, carry a banner saying "Saya, Norabibahu bt habulu kecam tindakan kerajaan luluskan konsert Lambert". So then at least we would know your name, now that we've seen your ugly face =D 

I personally do not like Lambert. But I have a good reason, his songs aren't my cup of tea. Yet, my simple reason is a million times more valid that "He is Gay." 

Note : Did the demonstration really took place? I don't know. I will get a confirmation soon. But either way, it always feels good to write against idiotic simple minded people :P

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) LaLa Studies

Course Classification : BA (Hons)
Course Mode : Full time
Course Duration : 2 Years

Introduction :-

The lifestyle of Ah Lians and Ah Bengs have evolved into the modern world more rapidly than many expected. To prevent young adults and teenagers from venturing into the seafood world wrongly, the University is now offering a full comprehensive course on everything you need to know about being a lala.

This is an ideal course for those who believe that bad fashion is the right way, English is a stupid language, everyone should speak mandarin and guys who look like girls and carry handbags are hot. If you have all this qualities, this is definitely the right course for you!

Through out your studies, you will encounter numerous different problems posed by the society. This does not mean that the society is right and you are wrong. It merely shows that nobody else is stupid enough to accept this lifestyle. As the course progresses, you will learn the skills needed to remain looking like an idiot, but cool to other seafood.

Course Content :
Year 1
Introduction to Lalaism
Online Chinese Gaming
Advanced Mathematics
Ridiculous Fashion Sense
Cursing in Chinese 101
Cursing in Chinese 121
Cursing in Chinese 124
Cursing in Chinese 214 (Yes, we emphasize in your chinese cursing ability. Final year students should be able to curse in super combined short form, knnccbcbh)

Year 2
Places of Interest
Lala Camwhoring numbered system
Lala Facebook page
Bad English 001
Bad English 0001
Socks and Skirts
Hair Colouring
Trance and Techno
Ugly Vinyls and Noisy Honda City
Final Year Project

Entry Requirements :

1. Pass SPM with at least 3 credits.
2. IELTS maximum score of 6.0. Anyone scored higher can attend our Bad English crash course before re-applying again.

Teaching and Assessment :

You're course will be graded by top notch tutors hired from various shops particularly around and Times Square Area. All our tutors have at least 10 years of experience being idiots, i mean, being a Lala. Most of the course will be graded based on  coursework and assignments. Students will be required to submit their Lala poses through facebook while complaining "oh i look so fat liao". Tutors will then grade the assignment based on how Lala the pose is, the caption used, and the number of horrible English comments received.

Career Opportunities :
The University has strong ties with the current market. Graduates will receive placements at many top Lala Industries.

1. MCM Handphone and communications
2. 88 Cafe and Field
3. Club Feng Tau 99

Many shops are eagerly looking for Lala workers in Times square and Sg.Wang. A new location that is quickly catching up is The Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. Look for the sign "Vacancy, Chinese Only".

Related Courses :
BA (Hons) Lala Fashion Design
BA (Hons) Business Studies
BA (Hons) Creative Art Design


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Racism and religion, all in a day.

**WARNING! Highly sensitive blog post! If you are a devout christian, PLEASE do not read this !**

I never woke up today, expecting the day to be different than any other. It should have been the same as every other, honestly. But oh, how mistaken I was :)

As some of you know, I now work part time in a coffee shop. Dealing with customers is something i've been doing for several months, until I categorized customers based on their type :-

Type A : "I just want to chill" customers
Usually, this type are retirees and students. They came, order one awesome cappuccino ice blended or a hazelnut white coffee, maybe a sandwich or two, sit down on their computer or read a paper. They never worry much about anything else, just want some piece and quiet. I usually say a simple hi and let them do their own work. Type A is the easiest type of customer.

Type B : "I am here to eat" customer
Type B customers are there for a straight forward purpose. To eat, and leave. They have minimal comments, unless they waited half hour for their food and its still not there. They eat, pay, leave several cents of tips, and walk off. We see them again the next day. Pretty straight forward.

Type C: "I want my money's worth"
This are the "I will only pay for what is worth the money" customer. They are food critics. They eat, tell you what is nice, what is not, and how things could be improved. I honestly like customers like this. And if they think the food is really lousy, they will complain a lot. Fortunately, this doesn't happen much.

Type D : "Chris Ee" customers
While it is named after a good friend of mine, nice lad, but when it comes to the restaurant, he is horrible.Type D customers tend to make everything worst. If they do not get their food in 15 minutes, they start shouting and scolding people, making stupid comments like "If you cannot boil egg in 5 minutes what for open shop!? stupid!". They fail to realize when you boil ALOT of eggs, it takes longer. The most annoying type of customers. Generally disliked by everyone. ( i love you, if you by ANY chance read this! don't marah! lol )

I thought there was only 4 types of customers, but i was so wrong. The 5th type, "The Racist" customers, are the worst. I can patiently take many Chris Ee, but the racist comment i received today totally pissed me off. I was pretty impressed i could keep my cool and walk away.  I was told, "You are Indian, how can you work in hainanese shop?" Look, even blogger gave me a spelling error on hainanese! It doesn't give me one for Indian!!! Ok back to the topic :P Seriously, because i am an Indian, i cannot learn others culture? I cannot be a malaysian and work in a coffee shop? So what are Indians expected to do ? Collect garbage and build train tracks? Toreh getah? Typical Indian work, right ?

Yes, the comment might not be much, when you look at it from a chinese person point of view. So is the comment "balik negara asal lah." Yet, that comment stirred up so much issues. I suppose when you are the one receiving such an insult, directly, not jokingly, then you would get how bad it was.

The stupid bunch of 6 chinese men made my mood bad for a long time. Until somebody came and cheered me up. A pastor :) ! Now, how often do you get to talk to a Pastor, about you're own religion? Not Hinduism, obviously not. Vishulism, of course :P LMAO! yes, i enjoyed myself, surely. The conversation started like this

Pastor : Vishul, are you a Christian?
Me: No
Pastor : A Hindu then?
Me: No
Pastor : Freethinker then?
Me : erm...actually, Not really.

The Pastor went a bit confused then, before he asked me what am i? I swear to God (oops,god :P) that i SOOOOO nearly answered "Vishulism. Wanna learn more?"

The Pastor was trying to tell me that God died for me. That God, in the form of his son, (or something like that) died for me. And 3 days later, rose from his grave. Ok, this part did happened. I told him. "If he rose back alive, he didn't quite die didn't he?"

But somehow, the Pastor insisted that he died. The pastor probably thought i had no idea about Christianity at all, so he was spending some time telling me about the Holy Cross, and Jesus Christ.

As i was working, I wanted to end the conversation quickly. I told the pastor, that I too, talk to God everyday.  I do not believe in religion for each has a different story for God. I believe if there is God, there is only one, and whoever that is, I pray to him.

Then, the priest asked me, am i praying the right way? I asked him back, " you mean, there is such a thing called, praying the WRONG way? " He then quoted something from the bible, about "Through me, you reach God" or something like that, the one Jesus said ( you guys look it up! ) According to the Bible, it indicates that God said only those who go through Jesus and prays using the method set and fixed by the Bible gets to go to heaven. I then told him, that if that is true, God isn't so great, because he doesn't just want us to be good, he also wants us to worship him, following a certain standard method/formula/style that has been fixed. erm, actually er, Bro (upper case, i'm so nice), isn't that a bit vain ? Come on, you're like, the All-Awesome, and you want people to worship you :S ? A bit, contradicting, ain't it ????

I then told the Pastor, that God would understand us, no matter in what language we pray. Will he still insist that it has to be Jesus, i asked him, "What about those who call his Yeshua? or Hesus? Still his name, in different language, no? So to me, if God's name is Jesus, so i pray to God. Thinking like an Engineer :-

God = Jesus
Pray to God = Pray to Jesus

And yes, i told the Pastor the equation. LOL! And i asked him back, "Would God be so merciless, to punish us for not using the name, Jesus?" He actually smiled, and quoted another line from the Bible. ( I hope its the bible, i have no idea, if its something bad, i'm fucked :S ) . The Pastor said he saw God. Yeah, i too met Ironman. Fought with him as well. Wasn't easy, i know.

Dreams can do wonders.

He did leave, shaked my hand, and left saying he'll pray for me. I told him, yes, please do. And somehow, that entire incident just made my day :) I was happy :) !

Obviously, the Pastor wanted me to be a Christian. Not sure how it is in other countries, but in here, they go house to house spreading Christianity. I once went to a church (don't ask me why i went, then again, the girl was uber hot, wasn't wasted ! Too bad i'd not see her again. lol ). The church i went too, the Reverend/Priest/Pastor from international school of some priest something, (You can tell from just this, how distracting that girl was), said this exact line in one of his talks...or mass, you guys call it ? I could be wrong on the word, but this line, was exact.

"If you are a Christian, you should be fishing. If not, something is fishy about you."
It is good to spread religion, but everyone has their own rights, believes, and faith. While it is wrong to "fish" those from other religion, it is not wrong to try to get those with no faith towards God, to believe in Him. That, they are doing a good job. I hope they do keep it up then.

Yeah, i told the Pastor, I talk to God everyday. I just missed out the part, for making my life so miserable,  i hate Him :P

Death. And what comes After.

 **Wrote this when i was super sleepy and high on flu medicine, no idea at all i wrote it, seriously. Wonder why tho. Still, there it is***

   How many of us take life very lightly ? Smoking kills, yet we do it. Dangerous driving kills, yet we do it. Seatbelts, such a simple thing to buckle up, and still, we do it. And the all time favourite, alcohol, that not only can damage so many parts of your body, but also kills its victim.

 So many things can go wrong with life. Yet, we take our life lightly. We want to enjoy it, have fun with it, damage it.

  Maybe it is not that they are taking life lightly. On the contrary, they are taking death, lightly.

  What do a dying person do, right before their death? It is one thing to be in a hospital, drugged and sleeping while surgery. But it is a totally different thing in a car accident, or a heart attack. You know you're slipping away. That slowly, but surely, you will die.

  How would you feel ? Would you feel scared for yourself ? Would your family's image appear in your mind? Or would your past mistakes, comes back to haunt you at the last moment. I don't know. And i am quite sure, neither do you.

  Do not take death lightly. It is far worst feeling compared to celebrating a birth day, or mother's day. Death, is nothing more than where all that you ever was , disappears. Including everything you wish you had did. Everything.

 Turn to the people on your left. Tell them you love them. Turn to those on your right. Tell them, you miss them. Do not cry and mourn a person when they are death. Tell their story, of how they lived.

Do not wait till tomorrow. Do it today.

If i ever leave before my time is up,  i've wrote a short will. To people i want to say sorry that i never was brave enough, to people i want to say i miss them, tho i was never bothered enough.

I love you all. More than any of you know, honestly.

Love thy friends. Be it your mother, , brother, friends or a stranger.